November 2022 – reading & writing

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all keeping well!

Yay – at last my hardback edition is out everywhere (in every territory that wants to sell it, anyway!)

This has been three months of hard work from the Head of Zeus team – so a big thanks to them for making this happen.

So, there you are – hopefully you can now buy my book as a hardback, e-book or audiobook. The next release date is the paperback; however, this isn’t going to be released until May 2023, so plenty of time before that happens.

If you want to order a book, hit the link below. It will take you to my ‘books page’ on my website, which has links to bookstores in most countries. Also remember you can order from your local independent bookstore or library.

I have also just found out that I’ve been included in the Dubray Books Christmas catalogue, which is just lovely! How nice for my book to be beside so many other wonderful authors. 

For those not from Ireland, Dubray Books is an independent book chain with stores all over Ireland. They have really championed The Children of Gods and Fighting Men – which has been so lovely. As a debut author, I didn’t expect that.

The Words of Kings and Prophets

No sooner is book 1 released, than we move onto exciting news about book 2 – The Words of Kings and Prophets.

My book cover design was revealed last week so I can share it with you all now! The designer, Micaela Alcaino (who also designed the cover for The Children of Gods and Fighting Men) is a genius!

Pre orders are always important for authors, especially new ones. 

So, I know we are a long way out from September 14th 2023 (release date), but if you place a pre order it will be a big help.

If you don’t have the funds right now – then don’t worry at all. Other ways to help new authors are leaving reviews on Amazon/Goodreads/your social media sites. 

Thanks to everyone who has left a review so far!! It has really helped build the word of mouth.

If you want to pre order, here is the Amazon link, however other websites (book depository) and other bookstores are also taking pre orders too.

Social media and reviews

This month I was interviewed by an award-winning podcast called Breaking the Glass Slipper.

It was an amazing interview – we got very nerdy about Irish history – and I hasten to add, I called Ireland, ‘the land of saints and scholars’ not ‘the land of Satan scholars’. I’ll blame the accent on that one! 

If you want to listen, hit the link below.

I also featured on Mike’s Book Review book haul video for October 2022.

His reviews and interviews are really great – and I’ve been watching his book hauls for a long time now, so it was really cool to see him talking about my book.

I also spotted that I featured in the Top 10 Debuts video by The Brothers Gwynne.

What an honour – and what good company to keep! This video is well worth a watch as it contains many books that are excellent reads and one or two might pique your fancy.


I’m currently working on book 3 of the Gael Song series and I’m about fifty thousand words into the story

Last month I said that if I got to eighty thousand words before Christmas, I’d be happy. However, I don’t think that target is achievable now. 

Unfortunately, scarlet fever (apparently not a thing from the 18th century) worked its way around my children and husband and so the Lawless household was not a well one in November. 

However, I still was able to write around twenty thousand words, so not a complete wash out either. 

In December I will be editing The Words of Kings and Prophets too, so I think I’ll set a more reasonable word target of 65,000 words before Christmas (and that is assuming no one else comes down with any more illnesses in the next 4 weeks). 

Then in the first half of 2023, I will be able to finish the novel (and edit it) before handing into Head of Zeus in July. Plenty of time!!

I do intend to stop writing on the 22nd December and to take two weeks off. I always take time off over Christmas. My brain is always in need of a recharge. Instead, I tend to see more of my family and friends, enjoy the school holidays with the kids, and possibly catch up on my reading when I get a free moment.


During the month of November, I read an anthology called Unbound II, edited by Shawn Speakman. I’d always recommend short stories if you are in a reading rut and there are some amazing ones in here. 

I was also asked to read two arcs this month.

The first was Barrow of Winter by H.M. Long. I’ve finished that novel and it was AMAZING. A very atmospheric winter read – full of gods and demi-gods. If you want to read my spoiler free review, see the link below.

The next arc (which I’m now 25% through) is Shield Maiden by Sharon Emmerichs – a retelling of Beowulf – which honestly, I’m enjoying so much. A full review will appear on the blog at some stage in the next week.

For my December reads, I put together a blog post. It’s very ambitious with 10 books included, but as I said before, I do usually read more over Christmas. 

I had so many books that I wanted to read that I rearranged my TBR and I decided to finish the arcs I’d been given as a priority and leave new series until next year. 

If you want to know what has made my December list, read the blog below. It’s mostly fantasy/sci-fi – but there is a romance and a thriller included too.

That’s it for now! Lots of news coming next month – and if there are any promotions/giveaways, I’ll let you know!

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      1. I’ve been meaning to start writing my intended novels (I have ideas for at least 2 novels). I was going to use NaNoWriMo as a way to motivate myself, but it didn’t happen. I’m going to write when I can anyway because I want to attend at least 1 writer’s workshop next year.


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