TBR for 2023

Hi everyone! There are so many books I want to read next year. I’ve really had to work hard to limit the books here to what I think I can actually read. Ambitious yes, but not impossible.

In 2022, I managed to read 28 books, which is an all time low. However, I had a lot on with writing and editing my own books – while also working and looking after my family.

2023 will be different. I am now a full time writer! While writing will take priority, I also plan to spend more time reading.

I’ve got a few different categories below – ranging from continuing series, new series, re-reads, indie – as well as sci-fi, literary, and historical fiction.

I’m very excited by my picks and I’m really really going to try and stick to my list this year!! Promise!!

Current reads

These are the books I’m currently reading and so these will be the first books I’ll finish in 2023. The first is Howling Dark, which I’m reading via audiobook (currently 40% through). It honestly makes me feel smarter every time I read it. Christopher Ruocchio is a very deep thinker and his protagonist, Hadrian Marlowe, is so interesting. I can’t praise this series enough.

I’ve also started A Gamble of Gods by Mitriel Faywood and The Hacker by Daniel Scanlan – both of which are excellent so far! The former is described as a ‘Fantasy Mission Impossible’, whilst the latter is a dark-web thriller. Reviews will follow once I’ve finished.


I read The Book of the Ancestor series when it first came out – I think I’d just had a baby. And so I loved it, but time and general baby haze means I’m not solid on the details. When I read The Girl and the Stars earlier this year, some of the links between the two series didn’t quite come through for me. So, I decided before continuing with the Books of the Ice series, I’d give this series a re-read.

Finishing an ongoing series – series already completed by author

Have you heard that all the books written by Mark Lawrence are linked?

It is true.

But how?

I intend to find out!

My Mark Lawrenceverse reading will continue in 2023 with the final book in The Red Queen’s War series – as well as the final two books in The Impossible Times series.

This will leave me only The Books of Ice series to finish (as I read Broken Empire in 2021) – where I believe lots of questions are answered regarding how all of Mark’s series link together. However, I might save that series for 2024. I’ll see how I go though!

Finishing an ongoing series – series not yet completed by author

Oh my gawd – I’m excited for this. The Pariah and The Martyr are amazing and I’m so excited to find out how the series ends. In fact; I really wish this was going to be a longer series and I’m intrigued as to how Anthony Ryan is going to tie it all together.

Grimdark The Witcher meets Sherlock Holmes – yes please.

The Justice of Kings started off my 2022 with a bang and I’m hoping the sequel does the same. This book is released in February 2023, but I have a Netgalley e-arc, so should be reading this in January!

Ryan Cahill is a self published fantasy star and it’s not hard to see why. I read Of Blood and Fire and The Fall this year and am looking forward to continuing the series. These books are page turners and have a wonderful nostalgic epic fantasy feel. If you liked Wheel of Time and dragons – give this series a go!

The Hunger of the Gods really should have been read in 2022. I’m so excited to read it and find out what happens (especially to Orka). An early 2023 read for sure.

After the wonderful A Touch of Light, I’m excited to see where A Shade of Madness takes us. The way death was viewed by the different tribes absolutely gripped me and this world is very intriguing.

Also – more griffins! And what a cover!


I’ve been eyeing this duology for a while now. I’ve heard so many good things about the story and writing that this is very high on my list and will be an early 2023 pick. My husband bought me the hardbacks for Christmas – and my – they really are pretty!

Novella series

The beautiful, Empress of Salt and Fortune, was a favourite of 2022. Beautiful story and prose – I read it in one sitting! I’m hoping for something similarly magical with the next two instalments in the series.

Stand alone novel

This is described as fantasy occult – and sounds very interesting. Aside from the enticing mystery indicated in the blurb, Lorraine Wilson was a nominee last year in three categories for the British Fantasy Society awards. She’s an extremely talented writer (I’ve read her work before) – so I know I’ll be in a safe pair of hands with this novel!

Science Fiction

Empire of Silence and Howling Dark are masterpieces. I mean that. I’m just so impressed with how Christopher Ruocchio has imagined the future. Set in a vast galactic empire and set during a mighty war; this really is science fiction at its finest. The prose is magnificent too.

Starting a new series (that is completed by the author)

These are the new series I want to get into. I’ve heard great things – and so now it is time to delve in and make up my own mind! My picks are from authors Anthony Ryan, Raymond E. Feist & Janny Wurts.

The Fantology discord group are doing a readalong of The Waking Fire in January, if you are interested in joining. It’s always fun to readalong with others and have a chat about it afterward.

New Series (first book out in 2023)

Writing a new series can be tricky. I know it’s tempting to only start completed series – but supporting new authors and new stories is so important. If everybody waited for the whole series to be finished, authors would have a hard time getting contracts or might even have their series cancelled before it is finished.

These are the 2023 new releases that have caught my eye.


I always try to read The Booker Prize winner. It’s done me well. Milk Man, Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies are some of my favourite books.

This one is particularly intriguing. Set in Sri Lanka, it’s a story about a murdered man who must (as a ghost) contact his loved ones.

Historical Fiction

This is top of my HF reads. I love stories about the Trojan war and I love David Gemmell, which means this is a match made in heaven. Also my husband has read these books and loved them – so I know for certain that they must be excellent as he wouldn’t stick with a series if he wasn’t enjoying it.

New indie

I love indie books. The quality here is on par with traditional and I’d encourage everyone to have a look at some of these. Often indie book push boundaries – which I love – and I’ve heard excellent reports about all of the ones I’ve listed below.

Kian Ardalan’s book – The Eleventh Cycle is receiving many words of praise in particular. Can’t wait to get stuck into that! 800 pages too!

That’s all I’m putting up for now. I think this is a realistic list, but, we shall see! If you are interested in following my progress; why not sign up to my blog or newsletter – links below!

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      1. For starters: “Eleventh Cycle,” “Dark Water Daughter,” Mark Lawrence’s latest completed trilogy, Richard Swan, John Gywnne, Sue Lynn Tan, Anthony Ryan, and Thiago Abdalla.


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