August 2022 – Writing and Reading

Hello everyone,

What a busy month! I cannot even describe the madness! However, this is my writing/reading blog post, so I shall try…

The Children of Gods and Fighting Men

Firstly, my copies arrived! They are beautiful and I love the blue hardback underneath the dust jacket. Micaela Alcaino just did the most marvellous job with the design!

There has been a lot of promotion going on – a lot of work behind the scenes. I’ve done quite a few YouTube interviews, blog posts and news articles. All of which has been a lot of fun and I’ve so grateful that bloggers/newspapers gave me the opportunity to talk to them.

First up, I did a YouTube interview with Fantology podcast. They asked me lots of questions about my book and focused on the fantasy and mythology aspects of the story.

Another podcast I did was with the author Stephen Aryan – who asked me lots of questions about writing and how I found an agent – as well as what my book is all about.

And finally, I took part in a YouTube round table conversation with Christopher Ruocchio and R.R. Virdi about using history in our writing. This was a lovely conversation and we each came at the theme with different perspectives, which made it very interesting.

For those who follow me and who are also writers, you might be interested in this video. Mark Lawrence (author of The Broken Empire/Red Queen’s War/Impossible Times/Book of the Ancestor/Book of Ice series) is doing a YouTube series where he talks about first pages. In one of his videos, he talks about the first page of The Children of Gods and Fighting Men.

As well as the YouTube interviews, I also wrote an article for the Irish Times about why I used mythology in my novel. This was something I was quite nervous about – being in print in a newspaper. This was quite a personal piece too, so I’m sure that added to the nerves. If you’re interested in reading, I’ve posted the link below.

My blog tour is underway too – so if anyone sees these reviews/blog posts, please give them a like or share! I’ve been a blogger myself for a long time, and so I know how lovely it is when someone reads your reviews and interacts.

My Broken Binding special edition arrived yesterday – which caused lots of excitement!

The sprayed edges are beautiful! Just absolutely magical to have it. I hope the lucky 500 people who bought it, love it as much as I do!


My reading has plummeted to abysmal levels. I’ve just been so busy and the children are off school, but am hoping to have both these books finished shortly!

That’s it all for now – at least that’s everything that is published or released so far! The book launch is this evening and more podcasts and interviews are planned for September.

A big thanks to all those who have already reviewed/blogged about my book. I’ve read all of them and it’s been wonderful to see so many people enjoy Fódla and Gormflaith.

If you’re planning to read the book, please remember to leave a review or chat about it somewhere! That would be a great help to me!

(Oh – and if you want, you could subscribe to my newsletter. All giveaways will be announced there first 😉)

See you next month!

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