Indie spotlight – favourite indie books I’ve read so far

Hi everyone,

I’ve been very busy recently, however, I’ve still been reading and thought I’d do a spotlight post on some indie fantasy books I’ve read.

If you’ve read any of these books, let me know. The indie market has just exploded in recent years and I have enjoyed so many titles and new authors.

So, without further ado, here are the indie books I’ve read in the last 12 months that I would recommend!

A Touch of Light by Thiago Abdalla

A few days ago, I discovered A Touch of Light made the SPFBO finals – and no wonder. It’s a very well written book and has some wonderful characters. Much of the magic/world-building revolves around death and the different way various tribes view it. This felt very fresh and new – and I’m very excited to read book 2.

(Also there are Griffins!)

Cold From the North & The Darkest Dusk by D.W Ross

I would describe this series as epic adventure fantasy – and is suitable for both the YA and adult markets. Again, very well written. I literally felt cold while reading some sections in Cold From the North! There are a great cast of characters, some with magic, some without – quite a few battles – and a growing sense of danger builds throughout the series.

The third book, The Fury of Fates, was released this week and I will be reading shortly.

Gurzil & Badon Hill by I, Anonymous

This series is historical fantasy – so very much my genre of choice!

It cleverly weaves the collapse of the Roman Empire, the myth of Gurzil the dragon (who is in Libya) and Arthurian legend. Writing characters that cover so many countries and myths is no easy thing – and the amount of research that has gone into this series is incredible.

There are lots of excellent characters, with Sabra, a Libyan princess, being my favourite.

Lots of reviewers are enjoying the Arthurian storyline in England that weaves together well-known names like Arthur, George, Lancelot, Merlin, Iseult and Morgana. There are quite a few love triangles going on too. So if you like your fantasy to have romance, this could be a great pick for you.

The Fall by Ryan Cahill

I absolutely loved this novella which I read last month. I loved it so much I am currently reading Of Blood and Fire – which is the first novel in the series.

(As The Fall is a prequel novella, you can read it before or after Of Blood and Fire.)

It’s epic fantasy at its most EPIC. We have elves, dragons, blood magic, and uraks. If you liked Wheel of Time or The Faithful and the Fallen, give this series a go!

Ryan Cahill also has his own discord group which is hosting a readalong in November. Perfect for those who want to join a group and talk about the story as you read.

In a Hotel Room in Chillicothe by Joshua Shuh

This is a horror book – with a fantasy twist. I’d describe it as a mix between Saw and Squid Game. A fairly short book, the story moves along at a frantic pace and I found it very interesting to read from various the POVs – all of whom are locked in room together.

It isn’t gruesome, although aspects are frightening – and there was a psychological aspect to the work too. Why are these people here? Who deserves to live or die? Who gets to choose?

No Gods, Only Monsters by Steve McHugh

This is historical mythological fantasy. And very very fun. High action, feisty warriors and a whole host of characters from Greek and Norse mythology plotting against each other.

If you are expecting a Circe or Sistersong literary type of historical fantasy, reset your expectations. This is Marvel-esque story telling. There are battles, feuds, and more battles. Thought that’s doesn’t mean the book is without depth. Themes of grief, depression, and guilt are explored.

Indie Books – reads for 2023

As well as continuing the above series (as and when the sequels arrive), these are the new indie books I have on my radar!

Are you excited about any of these?

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