Writing and reading – April 2022

Hi everyone,

Well, this has been quite a month! I really mean it. Just one exciting thing happened after another.

A review ARC of my book has been sent out to various authors/reviewers – and I also was sent a copy. Head of Zeus did a wonderful job with these and it was such a wonderful moment to hold it in my hands. Needless to say, it’s making me very excited to get my hands on the hardback edition!

My book was also released on Netgalley and the first reviews are in. An absolutely amazing one came in from Nick Borrelli at Out of This World SFF blog. I was blown away by it really. It’s very scary putting work out into the world, so having such a nice first review was really special. If you want to read it, click the link below.


A few other exciting pieces of news came my way that I can’t share yet… so keep watching my Twitter feed over the next few weeks!


I’ve been reading a little slower than usual, however, I still finished two books this month.

My review for The Girl and the Stars can be found here.


I really enjoyed it – and am so excited to see all Mark Lawrence’s books come together. There are links, as many of his fans are realising, between all his five series. It’s intrigued me so much that next month I will be embarking on an older Mark Lawrence series before progressing with The Book of the Ice series – as I want to link more of the dots myself.

My review for No Gods, Only Monsters is coming out on the 1st May as part of a blog tour. However, I did do an interview with the author, Steve McHugh. If you missed that, this is the link!


My current reads are Empire of Silence by Christopher Ruocchio and A Touch of Light by Thiago Abdalla. I’m really enjoying both these books a lot!

Thiago is a very talented writer and I’ve told him he must absolutely submit this to the next SPFBO – which by the way is opening on the 14th May 2022. So if you have a self published book and fancy entering, put that date in your diary because all the places filled up in 24 hours last year.

Once I finish these, I plan to read the following.

Remember I told you that all the Mark Lawrence series link together – well I have not read The Red Queen’s War trilogy or the Impossible Times trilogy. I’m setting this to rights by starting with Prince of Fools – and this is as part of a readalong with the Fantology discord group.

Thanks for reading!

Check out my review on Sunday – and if I’m allowed to spill any beans, you’ll see me post about it on Twitter, or else on my May 2022 blog post.

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Shauna Lawless is an author and her upcoming series is a historical fantasy set in 10th century, Ireland. The first book, The Children of Gods and Fighting Men, is now available to pre-order.

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