March 2022 – Reading and writing

Hello everyone.

How are you?

The news has been bleak in Europe. I’ve found everything about the war in Ukraine to be absolutely heartbreaking. The news hasn’t been easy to watch and at times it’s been difficult to write and read.

It’s some solace that ordinary people have been donating and doing what they can to help. A huge shoutout to Black Dragon Books – who have been donating a high percentage of their profits to the Ukraine relief over March. If you’ve any books you want to buy, you’ve still a few days left where some of your money will go to a good cause.

In terms of reading and writing, I have been plugging away when I can. And so, this is what I’ve been up to.


These are the books I finished in the month.

They are completely different. One is a hilarious found-family romp, the other is a dark magic mystery. Both were equally enjoyable.

My review for Equinox by David Towsey can be found in the link below. Think Sherlock Holmes – if he lived in a world where witches existed and he had to share his body with another person.

I haven’t written a review for Kings of the Wyld yet. I hope to do that this week. Needless to say, it’s a huge amount of fun and quite hilarious in places. I will definitely be seeking out the sequel later in the year.

I am currently reading the following:

I’m very nearly finished The Girl and the Stars. And excitingly, I’m starting to see some of the links connecting Mark Lawrence’s various series together. It’s made me think that once I finish The Girl and the Stars, I need to go back and read the Red Queen’s War and The Impossible Times trilogy, just to make sure I’m linking all the dots myself.

And I’ve also started Empire of Silence. I’ve really wanted to find a sci-fi series to get stuck into for ages and this was the series I found myself most drawn to. I’m 25% in – and absolutely absorbed by this new world, and of course, by Hadrian himself.

In terms of what I’m reading next… hard to say. I’m averaging 3 books a month, which isn’t nearly enough to get through everything. That being said, this is what is looming towards the top of my TBR pile in the next couple of months.


So, this month has been taken up with the last proofread of The Children of Gods and Fighting Men. A limited number of proofs will be printed next month and I can’t wait to have one of those in my hands.

Other people have also been reading my book. And by other people, I mean authors!

This has been crazy.

I’ve loved numerous novels by all of these talented writers, and so to have them say such lovely things about my work is exciting… and more than a little emotional.

I’m terrible at saying nice things about my own work. So, I’ll leave their blurbs below and let their writing do the talking!

Highlander meets The Last Kingdom as feuding clans of magical undying vie for control of 10th century Ireland in this assured and captivating debut. Themes of motherhood and conflicted obligation lie at the heart of Shauna Lawless’s historical fantasy, explored through the eyes of two powerful women compelled to navigate a land where men hold sway, or think they do. I was hooked from page one.


Gripping and beautiful. A Celtic Last Kingdom with wild magic and fierce heroines.


A beguiling blend of fantasy, history, and politics. The Children of Gods and Fighting Men deftly tells a story of intricate and fraught family relationships. The stakes couldn’t be higher, nor the decisions more difficult for prince and pauper alike, as every turn of the page ratchets up the tension. To read this novel is to fall into a richly imagined web of lives. A gripping start to the series.


Aside from all my work on The Children of Gods and Fighting Men, I’ve been editing book 2. I’m hoping to have that finished and handed over to my agent in the next couple of months.

I also did an interview about my writing for M1nkfunkk. If you want to read that, hit the link below!


I don’t get much time to watch movies or tv shows these days, however, with so many comparison to The Last Kingdom (due to my exploration of the Irish Viking age), it stands to reason that I’d be watching the new season.

I’m on episode 7 at the minute and I’ve just been loving it so much. It’s been a much deeper and thoughtful season than previous ones and on several occasions I’ve had to wipe away a tear or two…

That’s it for this month.

Feel free to comment or ask questions and look out for upcoming book reviews over the next couple of weeks.

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Shauna Lawless is an author and her upcoming series is a historical fantasy set in 10th century, Ireland. The first book, The Children of Gods and Fighting Men, is now available to pre-order.

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