WWW Wednesday – 30th June

This is an event I take part in every few weeks – just to talk about:

  • What I’ve finished reading
  • What I’m currently reading
  • What I’m reading next

It’s a bit of fun and a great way to chat about books! 📚

What I’ve finished reading


This book absolutely blew me away. My full (spoiler-free) review is here https://shaunalawless.com/2021/06/21/book-review-king-of-thorns-by-mark-lawrence-spoiler-free/

Needless to say, I can’t recommend it enough.


This is another great book, this time with a strong and interesting female protagonist. Talyien is an unusual mix of naive and strong, and navigates her way through political intrigue, feelings for a husband who has left her, and protecting her kingdom.

My full review is to come, but this was a very enjoyable book – and I am looking forward to reading the sequel.

What I’m currently reading


I’m over 50% through this – and wow – it’s just epic. Very clever and thoughtful. I have a lot of thoughts on this trilogy and how the story has been so masterfully weaved together… which I might put into a blog post once I’m finished.


This is the current book club read with the Fantology discord group. We are half way through A Wizard of Earthsea. I know this is a classic, but I’ve never read it before and am really enjoying the story and prose.

What I’m reading next

School is already out in Northern Ireland, so my reading time will reduce a little. These are the three books that I will definitely be reading over the summer.

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