Fantasy authors that you should read #1

So, you’ve read Sanderson and Tad Williams and GRR Martin and Tolkien. You might have also read Anthony Ryan and Mark Lawrence. It’s fair to say that you like fantasy. ⚔️ 🐉 🩸

But where to look next? The top fantasy authors – of which there are about 10 – get a lot of discord chatter, a lot of social media time, and lots of reviews.

Well, there are a lot of SFF authors out there that are AMAZING and are equally deserving of all this attention.

I can’t discuss them all in this blog post, but I’m going to highlighting 6 of my favourite authors that don’t perhaps get as much attention as they deserve.

I’ll probably make this a monthly thing – as there are lots of great authors to talk about!


Think grimdark – and then make it darker.

This fantastic author has the best prose in the whole fantasy genre. Epic, beautiful, gripping – such an amazing and immersive read.

Readers who enjoy Mark Lawrence and Joe Abercrombie will enjoy this series.


A fantastic new writer who is only 2 books into an epic series.

Fans of Sanderson will really enjoy the books published so far – full of gods, magical artefacts, and complex magical systems. However, I think it would be fair to say that Justin Call has an added flair for horror.


So you want to read something that’s fantasy, but perhaps a little more fun? Lots of conflict and magic, but perhaps a tad less overwhelming despair? Then this might be for you.

Styled as Sons of Anarchy – but with orcs – this is a great twist on the genre. Epic and entertaining, this is well worth a read.


Multiple award winning Aliette De Bodard is an amazing author. She has lots of books to choose from, but this novella really grabbed my attention when I read it earlier this year.

Romantic fantasy is an emerging genre – and this is a beautiful read.


Epic. Philosophical. Full of depth.

The Annurian empire has old gods, new gods, leaches, fighting clans, and giant fighting eagles. 🦅

A mixture of classic Tolkien and the court intrigue that Game of Thrones does so well.

The Unhewn throne trilogy is amazing – and new books set in the same world are coming.


The Deathless trilogy is full of demons and soul swapping royal families.

It is a fantastic read for fans of The Witcher and Malazan. Highly imaginative and full of intrigue and magic.

If you have read any of these books, let me know!

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