WWW Wednesday – 26th May 2021

This is a blog where I write about:

  • What I have just finished reading
  • What I’m currently reading
  • What I’m reading next

This challenge is hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Words – and everyone who wants to can join in. It’s a bit of fun and a great way to chat about what you’re reading and have on your TBR.

What I’ve finished

Full review is pending – but I really enjoyed this. Lots of history, political scheming, fallen gods, and philosophical dilemmas. Not for the faint hearted – but a very enjoyable read nonetheless. Plus, it has set all the pieces in motion for an epic finale!

A great, fast-paced read. I really enjoyed the Roman Empire inspired setting and the magic system. See my full and spoiler-free review for more details!

Book Review – Seven Deaths of an Empire by G.R. Matthews (spoiler-free)

What I’m reading

These are my current reads:


This is my bookclub read with Fantology. We are reading one chapter a week – so I’m now on chapter 4 out of 6. A short chapter this week, only around 100 pages I think.

I LOVED the start of this book. The world-building is just breathtaking, the scope and the dragons are also pretty amazing… but I am having some issues with characterisation that made chapter 2 and 3 less appealing than chapter 1.

I am hoping that the world-building pulls me through and that we get more Tané POV narratives in this section.


So, I had promised myself this would be finished by now, but I have found chapters 9 and 10 a bit of a trudge to get through. I am actively reading again though and have reached Part III – Chain of Dogs, which everyone says is great.

I think one of my main issues is that all my favourite characters from Gardens of the Moon are not in this book. I believe that most of them are in Memories of Ice – so I really want to keep going to find out what happens to Whiskeyjack, Tattersail, Paran, and Kruppe.

Reading Next

For the month of June I have joined a reading challenge. It’s hosted by the Shelf Space discord group.

You basically have to pick a book to match each of the Gods/Godessess in the picture below.

I have put myself down for reading 3-4 books in the month of June – and I’m on team Athena. I think about 600 people have signed up to the readathon. I wonder how many will read all 16 categories in the month?

These are the books I have selected! Wish me luck.


This is a buddy read I’m doing with MasqueReads – can’t wait to start this. I’ve heard lots of amazing reports about the whole series.


This is the last book in the Unhewn Throne series. I really enjoyed The Emperor’s Blades and Providence of Fire – I can’t wait to find out how it all ends! 🦅

3. EOS

Now that I’ve managed to find a copy of this book, it’s on my TBR. Lots of great reviews have flooded Twitter over the last few months – I’m eager to find out what happens for myself!


If I get the first three finished, I’m moving onto this. I got an e-arc from Netgalley prior to release on the 8th July. This is a new trilogy from Brian Staveley, but set in the same world as the Unhewn Throne trilogy.

If you’ve read any of these book, let me know and if you haven’t already, please subscribe!

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3 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday – 26th May 2021

  1. So many good books! I hope that Priory’s world-building helps fill in with the characters. I have heard so many wonderful things about this book. I really want to read it but the size is so daunting! I read Shadow of Gods! It was good but really slow. I did like it though and it was my first Gwynne book. Happy reading!

    My WWW!


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