My most anticipated fantasy books for 2021

These are the books I’ve pre-ordered or that I have my eye on to purchase when released. Some I’ve heard about through the grapevine or other bloggers, others are because I’m already a fan of the writer.

I’ve only included books that have a release date – so alas, no The Winds of Winter 😢


Release date: 6th May

The buzz around this book is steadily growing. Quite a few of my blogger friends have already read this through netgalley and are all bowled over with the scope, the characters, and John Gwynne’s epic world building.

As a major fan of The Faithful and the Fallen series, I really can’t wait to read this!!


Release date: 7th September

I haven’t read anything with vampires since the Twilight days – oh so long ago now given that the ‘year of covid’ has aged me at least two decades – so I’m looking forward to this.

If your not convinced, read Jay Kristoff’s pitch on goodreads. It’s hilarious.


Release date: 8th June

This is another book generating a lot of chatter on Twitter.

I haven’t read any of Tasha Suri’s books but they have generated rave reviews. As always when looking at books by new authors, the blurb really needs to grab me.

The Jasmine Throne sounds really amazing. Described as “fiercely and unapologetically feminist” by S.A Chakraborty, this feels a little different to the standard fantasy fare. Add some forbidden magic and an exiled princess and I’m in!


Release date: 4th April

Zach is a finalist of this years SPFBO and his first book was very well received. I haven’t finished it yet, but have enjoyed what I’ve read so far. The quality of self-published books are on the rise – and this is a worthy finalist of a competition that seeks to highlight the best in the fantasy genre.

As with all new authors, pre orders and early purchases help build momentum, and I will be purchasing this once it’s released for my kindle.

(I also believe this will be available for kindle unlimited users – so even better!)


Release date: 6th May

Ha! I’ve already read this! I proofread the U.K. edition for Justin and it really is excellent.

If you haven’t read the equally brilliant Master of Sorrows (book 1 in the series) it’s currently on sale for the kindle at 99p.

Don’t want to give to much away, but let’s just say this is an author who knows how to write a cliffhanger. I’m already looking forward to book 3!


Release date: 24th June

This is a debut novel – however GR Matthews is a reviewer for Fantasy Faction and is one of their twitter contributors. I’ve read quite a few of his reviews, and so when I saw he had a book coming out, I was intrigued.

He recently did an interview with civilianreader on Twitter where he sets out his scope for this series. It sounds epic. Nothing as simple as a trilogy for this writer!!


Release date: 27th May

Christopher did an excellent interview with Tor about his influences and how sword fighting in the many plays he’s performed in has influenced his writing.

This interview led to me to look at his forthcoming book which is The Blacktongue Thief. It sounds great – and going purely on the blurb and the interview, this is a book I very much have my eyes on! 👀


Release date: 22nd July

I’m sort of obsessed with Chinese influenced fantasy. This is a step up (in my opinion) and is historical fantasy – a genre I write in too.

This story is a reimagining of the rise to power of Zhu Yuanzhang and the beginnings of the Ming dynasty.

Shelley Parker-Chan is a new author, so I’m purely going on the reviews already in and the premise, but I’m excited to read this.

Are there any books I’ve missed?

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