So another WWW Wednesday post! This is a weekly event where people are encouraged to share the following:

  • What I’ve finished reading
  • What I am currently reading
  • What I’m going to read next

I usually have a paperback and a kindle book on the go at the same time so have split them up in this way below.

What I’ve finished reading


I’ve just finished book 9 in my Last Kingdom re-read. I really enjoyed this book. We get to see ☘️ Ireland ☘️ for the first time and the story also takes us into Northumbria.

I’m going to do a full review soon, but needless to say I’m full steam ahead into book 10!


This was a little change in genres for me, but I love Abby Jimenez, so it was well worth it. I’ve put a full review up on my blog if anybody wants to read it. Certainly a must-read for fans of romance with REAL women and lots of humour.

What I’m currently reading


And here we are – book 10 – just like I told you. 🤪

From memory, Uhtred’s plans to recapture Bebbanburg starts in earnest, but his cousin, the current Lord of Bebbanburg, and Scottish warriors have other ideas. ⚔️ 🛡

Only on chapter 1, but these are such readable books, I’m sure I’ll be finished by next week.


This is my current paperback read. I have to be honest, it took a while to get into. The plight of Felisin had me quite anxious at times and things turned very dark – not perhaps the best thing to read before bed. 😱😬😢

However, I’ve persevered and I’m really enjoying it again.

In the 2nd Malazan book, the world has expanded massively. We are still following some of the same characters, but we are now in the Seven Cities, controlled the Empresses Laseen. The world building is just phenomenal.

Favourite new characters so far are Coltaine and Felisin.

What I’m reading next


Did you have any doubts? Yep, book 11 is next in my TBR. Can’t wait to get to the final book, War Lord, (book 13) in the series.

However, I’m really enjoying the build up. Bebbanberg, here we come 🤞


Not sure yet, is the honest answer.

I think I might want something different before I start on Memories of Ice (book 3 of Malazan). Then again maybe not, everyone tells me it’s the best in the series.

Here are the books on my TBR that are vying for attention. If I don’t go straight into Memories of Ice, then I will pick one of these.

If you’ve read any of these and would recommend, let me know!

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