WWW Wednesday

I saw this being discussed on a blog I follow – and thought I’d join in.

WWW Wednesday is about:

  • What you’ve just read
  • What you’re currently reading
  • What you’re going to read next

It sounds like a bit of fun and I hope some of you will post your WWW Wednesday reads too.

What I’ve just finished

I’m going to post my review of this book in a couple of days – but I really enjoyed it.

This is an African-inspired epic fantasy and the change of setting was definitely a welcomed one. It is also set in a matriarchal society, which I really enjoyed.

The main character is a young man called Tau who is destined to become a low-ranking warrior for the Omehi people who are at war with the hedeni. As a man, he is not “gifted” and therefore he will never be able to call a dragon. As a “lesser” he is not eligible to become a warrior who can magically transform in a bigger and stronger version of himself, and so essentially he is destined to only be cannon-fodder for the war that consumes his land.

When Tau is dealt an emotional blow and the world as he knows it is lost to him, he begins a journey that is set to challenge the social structures around him and will allow him to avenge the murder of those he loved.

If anyone is thinking of reading this – I’d definitely recommend it. There are a lot of training and battle sequences that reminded me a little of the TV show Spartacus and The Hunger Games, but with a wonderful magical element that is very unique.

What I’m currently reading

This is my current read:

I’ve only just started book 2 in the Malazan series.

As usual, it’s a little crazy, full of intriguing characters, and excellent prose and storytelling. There seems to be some new characters too. The prologue featured the character of Felisin, sister to Ganoes Paran who was a main character in Gardens of the Moon. I found her quite intriguing and am looking forward to reading more.

To early to have any strong views on what is happening, but I’ve committed to finishing this for my readalong group by the end of March, so hopefully will have a review up by April.

What I’m going to read next

Ah, Uhtred, son of Uhtred, he has been a literary fixture of mine for quite some time. Both me and my husband love the series and way back in the early 00’s, mentioned to each other what a good TV show it would make.

I couldn’t believe it when I discovered that War Lord (released in November 2020) was the LAST book in the series. In fact, it made me hold off reading it.

I was 20 when I stumbled upon The Last Kingdom and The Pale Horseman (book 1 & 2). I immediately loved them, and I think almost every book since I’ve bought in hardback on the week of release. That’s how long I’ve been following this series, which is now 13 books long. And so – this is what I’ve decided… before I read War Lord, I’m going to re read some of the older ones.

I decided to start at book 9.

Why book 9, you say?

Well, I’ve read the earlier books a couple of times already, and the excellent TV show has now reached book 8. (Each series uses two books to create the storyline.) There are a few differences between show and book, but I’ve remembered most of them – and so I’ve decided to move forwards – and begin my re read with Warriors of the Storm.

I’m looking forward to getting started. I’m hearing great things about War Lord.

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