Fantasy authors that you should read #1

So, you’ve read Sanderson and Tad Williams and GRR Martin and Tolkien. You might have also read Anthony Ryan and Mark Lawrence. It’s fair to say that you like fantasy. ⚔️ 🐉 🩸 But where to look next? The top fantasy authors – of which there are about 10 – get a lot of discordContinue reading “Fantasy authors that you should read #1”

Book Review – Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence (spoiler free)

Jorg’s soul is dark and full of terror – but I couldn’t look away. I read the Red Sister trilogy quite a few years ago and had been meaning to read Prince of Thorns ever since. However, as always with my TBR, newer books got more publicity, or else a friends would want to doContinue reading “Book Review – Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence (spoiler free)”

Book Review – Seven Deaths of an Empire by G.R. Matthews (spoiler-free)

Warning… this is a page turner. You may find yourself reading this at the wee hours of the morning, thinking, just one more page. Like a literary version of the TV show 24, the chapters have a way of leaving you on either a cliff-hanger or on the verge of a new discovery. All myContinue reading “Book Review – Seven Deaths of an Empire by G.R. Matthews (spoiler-free)”

Author Interview: Anthony Ryan

Anthony Ryan is the author of numerous novels, novellas, and short stories. His works feature on many fantasy ‘Top 10’ lists and he is a New York Times bestselling author. More than that, Blood Song, is one of my favourite books of all time. I discovered this book when I was browsing in a bookshopContinue reading “Author Interview: Anthony Ryan”

Book Review: Providence of Fire by Brian Staveley

Hi everyone, this is my review of The Providence of Fire – the second book in the Unhewn Throne trilogy. No major spoilers, but events in The Emperor’s Blades are discussed. REVIEW The Providence of Fire is full of mythological retelling and philosophical debate. The very meaning of empire is brought into question. Should theContinue reading “Book Review: Providence of Fire by Brian Staveley”

My quest to find Shadow of the Gods by John Gwynne

Everyone has been talking about this book. In fact, a lot of my twitter friends and fellow book-bloggers have already read it. As a massive The Faithful and the Fallen fan, I was therefore eager to buy the book on the week of release. So, on my return to work yesterday (I haven’t been toContinue reading “My quest to find Shadow of the Gods by John Gwynne”

Mythical Ireland – Rostrevor & Kilbroney Park

Kilbroney Park is situated in Rostrevor, a small town in County Down, Northern Ireland. A lot of Irish myths and literature are associated with this part of Ireland and it is well worth a visit. The most notable literature associated with Rostrevor is The Chronicles of Narnia. C.S Lewis was born in Ulster and visitedContinue reading “Mythical Ireland – Rostrevor & Kilbroney Park”

Review of Cold From The North by D.W. Ross (no spoilers)

Have you ever felt cold from just reading a book? 🥶 🥶 I’ve been walking in the mountains when sudden hail storms have blown in, when the wind has turned bitter, and the air become icy. There is a very distinct pain to being cold and outside in the elements – but very rarely broughtContinue reading “Review of Cold From The North by D.W. Ross (no spoilers)”