July travel log – The Mythological/Historical Trail

This is part 2 of my summer travel log. I had such a great time this summer – and as always I like to bring the kids to see some places of interest! I’ve taken plenty of photos and so I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoyed creating it –Continue reading “July travel log – The Mythological/Historical Trail”

July travel log – the Game of Thrones trail

As you may have noticed, there hasn’t been as many book blogs recently. That’s because I’ve been travelling around Ireland with my family in our caravan. After days full of swimming and body boarding with the kids, trekking through parks and heritage sites, and numerous games of Uno, I was completely exhausted. My kindle onlyContinue reading “July travel log – the Game of Thrones trail”

Author Interview – Ryan Cahill

The author interview is a newish feature for my blog, however it is one of my favourites! I love asking other writers about their process and inspirations – and I hope you all find it interesting too. I purposely ask writers some similar questions, so readers can compare and contrast the answers, but I alsoContinue reading “Author Interview – Ryan Cahill”

Book Review – King of Thorns by Mark Lawrence (spoiler-free)

You know the basics of how a story is constructed, right? Protagonist A goes on a journey. He mets a variety of friends along the way, maybe a love interest (or two) – all in an effort to defeat the evil antagonist in an epic, final battle. Well Mark Lawrence has decided not to doContinue reading “Book Review – King of Thorns by Mark Lawrence (spoiler-free)”

WWW Wednesday – 9th June 2021

Hi everyone, this is my latest WWW Wednesday blog post where I share: What I’ve finished reading What I’m currently reading What I’m reading next What I’ve finished PAPERBACK What a book! It was very dark, but very intriguing, and I couldn’t put it down. Full of dueling mages, necromancy, and poisonous thorns, it wasContinue reading “WWW Wednesday – 9th June 2021”

Cover Reveal: Not Cool – Europe. By Train. In a Heatwave – by Jules Brown

Does anyone remember what it was like to travel abroad? It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve been very happily holidaying around Ireland in my caravan (when Covid restrictions allow), however, if this had not been the case, I’d be having very itchy feet by now. So when Sue Bavey asked me to be partContinue reading “Cover Reveal: Not Cool – Europe. By Train. In a Heatwave – by Jules Brown”

Fantasy authors that you should read #1

So, you’ve read Sanderson and Tad Williams and GRR Martin and Tolkien. You might have also read Anthony Ryan and Mark Lawrence. It’s fair to say that you like fantasy. ⚔️ 🐉 🩸 But where to look next? The top fantasy authors – of which there are about 10 – get a lot of discordContinue reading “Fantasy authors that you should read #1”

Book Review – Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence (spoiler free)

Jorg’s soul is dark and full of terror – but I couldn’t look away. I read the Red Sister trilogy quite a few years ago and had been meaning to read Prince of Thorns ever since. However, as always with my TBR, newer books got more publicity, or else a friends would want to doContinue reading “Book Review – Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence (spoiler free)”