Irish Mythology for beginners

Since my book was announced, I’ve had quite a few people message me to say they they are intrigued by Irish mythology, but don’t know anything about it – and don’t know where to begin. Who is Cú Chulainn? You ask. Who is Finn McCool? Aren’t there giants? And what about leprechauns? The first thingContinue reading “Irish Mythology for beginners”

No Gods, Only Monsters by Steve McHugh – Book Review (spoiler-free)

Hello everyone, Today it’s my turn to review No Gods, Only Monsters by Steve McHugh. Thanks to the Escapist Book Tour for putting this together! So first things first. What is the book about? The Blurb Diana, the Roman Goddess of the hunt, lives alone on the far edge of the Roman Empire. When anContinue reading “No Gods, Only Monsters by Steve McHugh – Book Review (spoiler-free)”

Writing and reading – April 2022

Hi everyone, Well, this has been quite a month! I really mean it. Just one exciting thing happened after another. A review ARC of my book has been sent out to various authors/reviewers – and I also was sent a copy. Head of Zeus did a wonderful job with these and it was such aContinue reading “Writing and reading – April 2022”

Interview with Steve McHugh

Hello everyone! Time for another author interview. This time it’s the turn of Steve McHugh, a rather prolific author, best known for his Hellequin urban fantasy series. I’ve been reviewing his book, No Gods, Only Monsters as part of the Escapist Book Tour – and was lucky enough to ask him a few questions. TheContinue reading “Interview with Steve McHugh”

Book review – The Girl and the Stars by Mark Lawrence (spoiler free)

So, I’ve finished The Girl and the Stars, book 1 of the Book of Ice series by Mark Lawrence. And it turns out… all his series are connected. Not only did this series link with Red Sister – which was obvious from the outset because it also takes place in Abeth – but it alsoContinue reading “Book review – The Girl and the Stars by Mark Lawrence (spoiler free)”

Author Interview -David Towsey

Hello everyone, here is another author interview for you all. This time it is David Towsey, author of Equinox, which is due to be published on the 12th May 2022. David Towsey is an established author with a completed trilogy under his own name. He is also half of writing duo D.K. Fields. If youContinue reading “Author Interview -David Towsey”

March 2022 – Reading and writing

Hello everyone. How are you? The news has been bleak in Europe. I’ve found everything about the war in Ukraine to be absolutely heartbreaking. The news hasn’t been easy to watch and at times it’s been difficult to write and read. It’s some solace that ordinary people have been donating and doing what they canContinue reading “March 2022 – Reading and writing”

Book Review – Equinox by David Towsey (spoiler-free)

THE BLURB Everyone is not as they seem in this fantasy novel, replete with war, witchcraft and secrets.  Christophor Morden lives by night. His day-brother, Alexsander, knows only the sun. They are two souls in a single body, in a world where identities change with the rising and setting of the sun. Night-brother or day-sister,Continue reading “Book Review – Equinox by David Towsey (spoiler-free)”

Irish debut writers – 2022

Hi everyone! Happy St. Patrick’s day!! ☘️☘️ Today, I’ve put together a post with some Irish debut authors who are publishing their first books this year. It’s not always easy for us debutante’s to get air time or trend on social media. And so, i thought today would be a great excuse to talk aboutContinue reading “Irish debut writers – 2022”

Gurzil by I, Anonymous – Book Review (spoiler free)

Historical fantasy is my favourite genre – and I’m seeing more and more books in this genre over the last couple of years. Gurzil is both very ambitious and highly imaginative – linking characters from all over a collapsed Roman Empire. Set in the 6th century, we meet Morgana and George, Britons at war withContinue reading “Gurzil by I, Anonymous – Book Review (spoiler free)”